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Participate in Our Human Analytics Program and Get FREE Stuff!

If you like to shop and get FREE stuff for doing it then you're going to love our Human Analytics platform. We need consumers just like you to help us test advertisements. You are in no way what-so-ever obligated to click on advertisements. We want you to shop as if you were shopping on a regular e-Commerce website and only click on an ad that truly interests you. When you signup to participate in our Human Analytics program you will be prompted to fill out an extensive profile that will help us selectively invite consumers to participate in any given virtual campaign. The profile will collect pertinent information from you, such as your annual salary, hobbies, personal interests, marital status, and so forth. While we do share such information with advertisers whom are testing their ads on our Human Analytics platform, we never share any of your personally identifiable information.

Please ensure that you complete your profile in it's entirety and that you answer all questions truthfully. Fudging your answers won't increase payouts or the frequency of which you get invited to participate. When you are selected to participate, we will email you an invitation to do so. You will have three days to respond to the invitation or you will be excluded from the campaign. Upon accepting the invitation, you will be given a virtual account balance that you can use to shop throughout our Human Analytics platform. In can search for any kind of product that you are interested in on our Human Analytics search page. From there, you can proceed into any one of our dynamic stores and shop as you please. When you add a product to your cart the dollar amount is subtracted from your virtual account balance. You should treat the virtual account balance like real cash since whatever funds you don't spend will roll over to your next campaign where you can then apply it towards larger purchases. Upon checkout you will be rewarded with at least one or all of the items that you have selected. So please choose wisely!


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