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Einstein Traffic is a leading internet marketing authority with an emphasis on maximizing our client's conversion rates. Our unique approach to internet marketing has put us at the forefront of new internet marketing technologies and unsurpassed quality. We understand that in today's competitive online arena, it isn't good enough to just send traffic to a website or to blindly run an email marketing campaign. We go to great lengths to ensure that our clients are targeting the most qualified prospects and are achieving the highest conversion rate possible on the backend. Our qualified staff is experienced in many different aspects of internet marketing and are dedicated to our client's success.

According to Netcraft, an Internet monitoring company that has tracked Web growth since 1995, present day reports show that there are well over 106,875,138 live websites, all of which have their own domain name. Netcraft's initial report, back in August of 1995, shows that there was only about 18,000 live websites. That equates to 7,123,809 new websites going live every year. With this kind of astonishing growth rate, it is no surprise that the demand for professional internet marketing companies is on the rise. Einstein Traffic is aware of this trend and has adopted the most effective internet marketing strategies in existence, as well as create some of our own, to ensure that we are on top of our game and our client's return for repeat business.

Every day, we crunch numbers, statistics, analytics, and metric data to find optimal internet marketing strategies that produce the best results. In doing so, we utilize several third-party software applications to assist us in measuring this data. We also hold partnerships with various third-parties whom provide us with invaluable feedback. Our efforts to serve our clients goes above and beyond that of our competitors and it shows. At Einstein Traffic, the most rewarding accomplishment is our client's success. We pride ourselves with our hard work and dedication and we hope that you to will join us in our endeavor towards growth, prosperity, and above all else, client satisfaction.

- Einstein Traffic
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