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PPC Management

PPC (pay per click) is a common form of advertising where you only pay if someone clicks on your ad. While PPC advertising methods are used by a wide variety of marketing platforms, it is most commonly used by search engines. If you have ever performed a search on Google you may have noticed that the search results produces highlighted listings at the very top of the search results, as well as, several sponsored listings in a column located to the right of the search results. These listings are PPC listings. It doesn't cost anything for their ads to appear in those positions, it only costs money if someone clicks on it.

The advantage of PPC advertising over traditional SEO is that your ad can start displaying on the front page of Google for specific keyword searches within 24 hours. Alternatively, traditional SEO marketing requires a lot of work and can take weeks, or even months, to be effective. The disadvantage, however, is cost. PPC advertising can be very expensive depending on your market. And because PPC pricing is typically based on a keyword bidding price structure, the more competitive the keyword is, the more money competitors are willing to pay per click for that keyword, thus driving the price higher. However, it's worth noting that although PPC advertising can be expensive, the return on investment for such marketing can be very prosperous. Making tens of thousands of dollars per day in profit is not out of reach with PPC advertising. But a company that makes tens of thousands of dollars per day might also be spending tens of thousands of dollars in advertising to make that kind of money.

While the concept might sound pretty basic, it can actually get quite complicated. In addition to your marketing budget, there are many other significant factors that will determine your success. The keywords that you are advertising for is no doubt the most important of these factors, but you also need to consider the relative keyword density for the landing webpage that you are promoting, long tail keyword search phrases, the geographic location of the person who is performing the search, your bid amount per keyword, your conversion rate per keyword, and much more. Fortunately, Einstein Traffic is a leading internet marketing authority with extensive experience with PPC advertising. We are 100% confident that you will be so satisfied with our PPC management service that you will stay onboard and see us as an integral part of your internet marketing efforts. We encourage you to review all of the features our exclusive PPC management service below and feel free to contact us directly with any questions that you may have.

Standard PPC Management Features
PPC Management
Extensive Industry Specific Keyword Research
Knowing which keywords to use is the most important factor for a successful PPC campaign
  • Data mine the most comprehensive industry specific keywords.
  • Maximize conversion with long tail keyword search phrases.
  • Utilize keyword exclusion to avoid undesirable search placement.
  • Save money by using less competitive geographical keywords.
  • Take advantage of keyword misspellings.
  • Leverage product specifics (make,model,SKU) for maximum exposure.
  • Make use of abbreviations, acronyms, and synonyms.
Regional Targeting
Expand or narrow your campaign based on the geographical constraints of your business
  • Acquire local customers by targeting a local audience.
  • Narrow your ad campaign by state, city, or zip code.
  • Broaden your reach to overseas customers.
  • Exclude specific regions.
Conversion Rate and ROI Tracking
Identify which keywords are convert the best and measure your return on investment
  • Determine which keywords are converting the best.
  • Determine your ROI per keyword.
  • Optimize your campaign for maximum profits.
  • Eliminate ineffective keywords.
  • Track seasonal trends.
  • Scale your PPC campaign with confidence.
Ad Copy Split Testing
Scale your PPC campaign after learning which ad copies perform the best
  • Measure ad copy effectiveness.
  • Identify your best performing ads.
  • Cross compare your ad performance with keyword conversion rates.
  • Let our experts create winning ad creatives.
  • Test ad performance accross multple search engines.
Landing Page Search Engine Optimization
Avoid the biggest mistake made by most PPC newcomers
  • Let our experts optimize your landing page for specific keywords.
  • Search engines favor landing pages that are most related to the keyword being searched.
  • Reduce your PPC costs by delivering a landing page that search engines like.
Google, Yahoo, and MSN Advertising Specialists
Rest assured knowing that your PPC campaign is being managed by an industry leader
  • Advertise on Google, Yahoo, and MSN.
  • Let Einstein Traffic maximize your earnings.
  • Free expert consultation and advice.
  • Strategic cross-platform monitoring.
  • Superior PPC account monitoring and optimization.
  • PPC client priority support.
Initial Setup Fee -
This fee covers the initial cost of your keyword research, landing page optimization, ad copy creation, account setup, and campaign creation.
$ 995
Monthly Fee -
This fee covers the continual monitoring, optimization, reporting, and utmost dedication to your campaign's success across all of the search engines that you elect to advertise on.
Greater of...
$ 499
or 15% of marketing budget.
  NOTE: We recommend a monthly marketing budget of at least $1,500 for an effective campaign.
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